About Cora Emens

Certified Health Science teacher Cora Emens is the best-known and most highly regarded ” sex ed” personality in the Netherlands.

She is widely hailed as “The sex coach of Holland”

Starting as an erotic performance artist in the mid 80’s she went on to learn the techniques of ” self loving” and  full body erotic massage from great healers and teachers including Betty Dodson PhD (R.I.P.), Joseph Kramer PhD and Annie Sprinkle. PhD.

In her more than 35 year career she pioneered the first female masturbation workshops, hosted her own 3 hour nationally broadcast radio show ” Let’s Talk About Sex”, produced the award winning video, ” Your Personal Touch”  which also earned her the Maria Magdalene Prize for best educational documentary at the San Francisco Sex Workers Film Festival.

She then went on to host the Dutch version of the popular British series ” The Sex Inspectors”  and has been a regular featured guest on the most watched talk and entertainment programs on every Dutch  national channel  including the very popular  Dutch series, ” Spuiten & Slikken” ( ” Shooting and Swallowing” ) sex and drugs info TV program, and has written a monthly column for Holland’s best selling woman‘s magazine ” Viva”. She also had a year long a 3 hour radio show “Lets talk about Sex” on Dutch Talk Radio.

As if that was not enough she has received the Viewer’s Choice award for her short erotic film at the Her Porn Film Festival,  Berlin, followed by her starring role in Petra Joy’s ” She Comes” .

Cora has counseled ..and healed..thousands of clients, including hundreds of couples by way of her hands on, full body approach to sexual healing, and her gift for honest, empathetic, and wisdom filled advice based on a lifetime of experience, not just as a sex educator and tantric healer, but as long time wife, lover, and mother.”

Cora also develops workshops and playshops tailormade for your wishes. For parties and events.
She has been contributing to Dance Valley and other events with her 123XTC, The music festival “Source on Ice” giving coaching in sensual licking, taught on Ice creams.


On 08-08-2008

she started the first ever REdTENT in the Netherlands, together with her “sister” Afke Rijenga.

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